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About Park Hotel Tartuf

The Park Hotel TARTUF is a valuable and singular jewel among manor-houses of Slovakia. 

You cannot come across it, but as everything special and precious, you have to look for it for a while. The manor-house, together with the Park Hotel Tartuf, is a protected cultural monument. It was built by an aristocratic family, the Jesenskys, around 1820 on a territory called symptomatically "Desert Territory". Its neo-classicistic appearance came into being in 1904. Genius Loci is still very present in the manor-house. In the course of discovering new dimensions of this romantic and mysterious place you can feel breathing of the history from behind the painted window-panes. Should you prefer rest near a china fireplace, a nice warmth will flood you and you will feel yourself as a king. If you touch the original neo-classicistic handrail by a Vienna artistic locksmith J. Wagner, for a moment you will get back to old good times.
Tartuf (from Italian Tartuffo)
Tartuf - truffle is a rare mushroom, a delicacy among bon vivants. It is not simple to find it, one has to exert some efforts and leave no stone unturned until it is found in the earth. A dog is often used to look for this hidden treasure. However the treasure-trove is a sufficient reward bringing unusual cooking experience.
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