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Park Hotel Tartuf The Manor-House at Beladice was built by the Jesenskys aristocratic family around 1820 and another aristocratic family of the Sziranyii - Otomos used it as their residence. The manor-house was later bought by Baron Henrik Lindelóf, who re-built and enlarged it in the neo-classical style at the end of the century. The manor-house then obtained appearance of a two floor, three wing building of a rectangular ground plan with a central bay, roofed with a cupola and facing onto the garden. An iron balcony was built around the bay and there is a direct entrance from the park to the oval Sala terrena.
Park Hotel Tartuf Park Hotel Tartuf Park Hotel Tartuf
The handrail of the main entrance staircase was made by the Viennese artistic locksmith J. Wagner. As to the indoor furnishing, a faience/china fireplace has been preserved in the form of a Renaissance sideboard from the 90-s of the 19th century. The stained glass windows at the main entrance are also worth a look.
Park Hotel Tartuf Park Hotel Tartuf Park Hotel Tartuf
The Manor-House has a neoclassical appearance today but in a reduced layout. In 1937 during remodelling ordered by the owner, Dr. Kraus, the side wings were removed. Shortly after this the Durcansky family became the new owners and they owned the Manor-House until 1945.

In the years 1948-1979 the building was housing the Basic Nine Year School (Primary School). From 1979 the District Cultural Monuments Administration, as the investor, planned and began a complex restoration of the building and park as finances became available. Unfortunately the reconstruction remained semi-finished.

The Manor-House is managed today by Ekostavby s.r.o. Nitra. The company´s commitment is to restore the object to its original artistic and historical appearance. The company also plans to host a range of social and cultural events to make the best of the premises.
Park Hotel Tartuf Park Hotel Tartuf Park Hotel Tartuf
The Manor-House is the cultural monument of the Slovak Republic and the adjacent "Park of Pusty Chotar" is natural protected site. The company´s mission is to serve culture, arts, social events and provide a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for guests.
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